Do You Know Your Neighbor? “Will” Power

As part of our ongoing series, “Do You Know Your Neighbor”, we would like to highlight Will Nevin.  Will maintains the blog Duct Tape Wedding Ring that chronicles his journey to become half a man.

You may ask what it means to become half a man, and Will is all too happy to tell you how he went from 350 lbs to his goal wieght of 175 lbs.  That’s where the title “Will” Power comes from, because he accomplished his goals by making a commitment to healthy eating and exercise.  His blog now chronicles his commitment to maintaining that healthy weight and lifestyle.

Sounds pretty unbelievable, but this author who personally know Mr. Nevin can attest that his story is entirely true. Please head over to his blog and read his witty, frank, and often poignant accounts of what it is like to lose a massive amount of weight by making a drastic life change. He is an inspiration to anyone who sets a goal to accomplish something whether it is losing weight, training for a marathon, learning to dance, keeping a clean house, climbing Mount Everest, you name it!

Say hello to Will the next time you see him!


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