Do You Know Your Neighbor?

So often, we go through our busy lives without ever taking the time to connect to the stranger living next door to us.  Since we at H.A. Edwards believe in the importance of community and family, we would like to start a series on our blog to introduce you to some of your neighbors who are doing neat, unique, and extraordinary things. 

First up is Brian Smith.  You may have seen him around the neighborhood biking on his Catrike (Click the word to find out more information).  If you don’t know Brian, watch the following interview by Olivia Grider, research project coordinator with the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility.  If this interview doesn’t make you want to meet this charming, witty, and intelligent young man, we don’t know what will! Way to go Brian!

If you know a neighbor that fits the profile, send us a facebook message, email at, call at 345-1440, or drop by the office and nominate them to be profiled on our blog!

À la prochain,


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